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Guide for Reviewers

Автор: admin от 27-05-2015, 11:01
All the articles submitted undergo review.

Reviewers when considering manuscripts should act in compliance with Regulations on Article Peer-review and Reviewer Responsibility.

When drawing up a referee report it is necessary to consider:

1)​ the novelty of the and relevance of the topic;

2)​ completeness of the subject presentation;

3)​ clear-cut objectives of the research;

4)​ consistency of methods;

5)​ justification of conclusions and their compliance with the subject;

6)​ distinction of the research and the novelty of the results;

7)​ strong and weak points of a manuscript.

At the end of a referee report a reviewer concludes on: 1) recommendation on publishing in the journal; 2) recommendation on publishing in the journal after resolving remarks and correction; 3) recommendation on refusal of publishing. In case of a negative referee report, a reviewer is to substantiate the conclusions.

A referee report is to be certified by seal and signature of the organization where a reviewer works.