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Editor Responsibilities

Автор: admin от 27-05-2015, 11:56
- selection and publication. The editorial board should follow an independent policy on selection and publication of manuscripts, should not favour authors according to their gender identity, race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political position and others that have no relevance to scientific value of a manuscript;

- decision making. When making a decision on publication of a manuscript or rejection of there must be no conflict of interest. A manuscript may be rejected only if there is a solid reason for it (the thematic scope of a manuscript is not relevant to the thematic scope of the journal; a manuscript is of evidently poor quality; a manuscript has already been published; a manuscript discord with the ethical principles of the journal, etc.);

- quality assurance. Editors should make every effort to provide excellent quality and integrity of manuscripts. Editors must not admit manuscripts which are of no scientific value, which do not correlate with the thematic scope of the journal or its policy and ethics; editors should provide qualified reviewers for peer reviewing; if required editors must be ready to publish corrections, explanations, apologies;

- confidentiality. Editors must not disclose information submitted to the third parties except to those who are engaged in publication process (author(s), reviewers, members of the editorial staff), must provide the effectiveness of blind review which implies that an author does not know a review and a review does not know an author;

- ethic and respect. Editors must observe copyright, demonstrate regardful and respectful attitude to authors and their research works, not impose their own scientific ideas, do their work carefully and coordinate editorial correction with authors.