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Footnotes and Reference List Requirements

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References and Citations
The authors are obliged to provide two lists of references: the first should be made taking into account the requirements of Russian databases, the second should meet the requirements of foreign databases in Latin.
The list of references should consist of at least 10 sources and be given in an alphabetical order. When preparing references in Russian, one should be guided by the requirements of GOST R 7.0.5–2008. The percentage of references to articles from Russian sources should correspond to the size of studies in the Russian scientific segment on this topic. The list of references does not include sources the existence and scientific value of which cannot be verified (textbooks, methodological recommendations, abstracts, materials of local conferences, etc., which are not freely available on the Internet).
The digital object identifier (DOI) (if any) of the cited article is necessary.
The journal uses the Vancouver Citation Style: references in the text are given in square brackets, indicating the number from the list of references and the page (if necessary) from which the citation is given, for example: [1, p. 377]. The article should provide links to all sources cited in the list of references. The use of automatic page links is not allowed.
Self-citation demonstrates the contribution of the author of the work to the scientific field under study. The percentage of self-citation should not exceed 10%, the share of references to other articles previously published in our journal cannot exceed 10–12%.
When citing, preference should be given to authoritative Russian journals that are indexed or have prospects for indexing in international scientific databases.
The share of references to publications from foreign sources should demonstrate international interest in the subject of the article. It is mandatory to indicate foreign publications published within the latest 5 years, as well as articles from publications indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.



Author A. A. Title of Book : type of publication (a text-book, study guide, etc.). – City : Publishing house, year. – Number of pages.


Andreeva E. A. Development of pedagogical orientation of a person at educational and vocational training. – Cheboksary : Chuvash State Pedagogical University, 2013. – 161 p.


Author A. A. Title of Article // Title of Journal. – Year. – Number. – Relevant pages.


Belyaeva A. V. Information cooperation as a factor of personal development // Higher education in Russia. – 2005. – № 7. – P. 7076.


Author A. A. Title of Article // Title of Collection of scientific articles : type of publication (collection of scientific articles, conference proceedings). – City, year. – Relevant pages.


1. Afanasyeva E. S. Patriotic education of schoolchildren within the programme «Be a citizen» // Patriotic education of a citizen in modern Russia : All-Russian research and practice conference proceedings. – Cheboksary, 2013. – P. 12–16.

2. Pavlov I. V., Pavlov V. I. Patriotic education of students as a social and pedagogical issue // Patriotic education of: experiment, issues, prospects : collection of scientific articles. – Cheboksary, 2009. – P. 5–18.


Author A. A. Title of Work : type of publication (thesis, synopsis of thesis) : course code – City, year. – Number of pages.


1. Baburova I. V. Formation of value attitude at schoolchildren in learning process: synopsis of thesis … of Doctor of Pedagogics : 13.00.01. – Smolensk, 2009. – 44 p.

2. Butylov N. V. Foreign lexis in Mordovian languages : thesis … of Doctor of Philology : 10.02.22. – Yoshkar-Ola, 2006. – 382 p.


1. Laricheva E. A. Formation and development of innovative culture at businesses [Electronic source]. – URL : http://science-bsea.bgita.ru/2013/ekonom_2013_19/laricheva_form.htm.

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