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Requirements for articles to be published

Автор: admin от 27-05-2015, 11:21
The Bulletin publishes articles on topical problems in Biological, Philological and Pedagogical Sciences. These articles are not to be published before and not to be submitted for publishing in other editions. Thematic focus of the Bulletin corresponds to the nomenclature of scientific specialties:
10.00.00 – Philological Sciences (10.01.00 – Literature Studies; 10.02.00 – Linguistics);
13.00.00 – Pedagogical Sciences.

The Bulletin does not publish large articles divided into pieces; articles containing the results of not finished research and containing no particular conclusions.

The article is to contain:

a) Universal Decimal Classification identifier;

b) a title in Russian and in English (in bold lowercase letters);

c) authors’ initials in Russian and in English (in bold lowercase letters) – the amount of co-authors is not to exceed 4 people;

d) a full title of the organization and city where the research was held (in italics);

e) a distinct abstract in Russian and in English in paragraphs (is not to exceed 500 typographical units);

f) keywords in Russian and in English (is not to exceed 7);

g) a text part containing the following:

topicality of the problem being investigated;

research data and methods;

​results and discussion;


h)​ bibliography.

At the end of an article there is to be the information on authors in Russian and English: family name, first name, patronymic name, academic degree, academic title, position, place of employment; personal address with a postcode (to send the copy of an issue), contact telephone number, e-mail; scientific specialty according to which an investigation is held. Authors are to sign the document which confirms the consent to transfer the authority for publishing and distribution to the editorial board of the Bulletin.

The following is to be enclosed to the article:

a) a letter headed covering letter that writes publication of the article in the Bulletin does not infringe copyright; that the article never been published before, has not been and will not be submitted to any other editions; that the article meets the requirements of Publication Ethics; that the author consents to processing personal data;

b) an expert evidence that permits to publish the results of the research publicly and confirms that the article does not contain any classified information;

c) a referee report of an expert on the subject of the research – Doctor of Science, Professor;

d) Post-graduate Students are to submit a report from a research advisor and a Proof of Post-graduate Student Status that confirms pursuing state-subsidized post-graduate studies, states the apprenticeship and which is signed by the Head of the establishment.

Articles are to be submitted in two formats: in printed version and in electronic version (on a CD). The electronic version is to coincide with the printed one.

Article submission guidelines:

1.​ Article is to be printed on one page of a sheet of A4 with the margins: left = 3 cm, right, top, bottom = 2 cm.

2.​ Times New Roman font, font size is14 points. Paragraph indent is 1 cm. Line spacing is 1.5. The typesetting is carried out in Microsoft Word in *.doc or *.rtf with full justification and wordwrap. When using other fonts, they are to be submitted to the editorial office in an electronic folder.

3.​ The size of an article is be minimum 10 pages and to exceed 16 pages in electronic version.

4.​ Tables are to contain experimental data and to be generalised and statistically processed results of the research. Every table is to be titled and numbered and to be referred to in the text.

5.​ The number of illustrations is not to exceed 4. The data mentioned in illustrations should not coincide with the data in tables. Illustrations are to be distinct, easily-reproducible, numbered, to be referred to in the text, to have captions and definitions of all the icons. full-colour illustrations are not permitted. The font size in diagrams is 9.

6.​ Formulae and alphabetical symbols in text are to be carried out in Microsoft Equation 3.0. The fond for Greek letters – Symbol, for the rest – Times New Roman, font size is10 points, big classification mark – 7, small classification mark – 5. Bulky designations in formulae are not welcome. Formulae are centered on page and numbered if necessary.

7.​ The contraction of words, names, titles, except for generally accepted contractions of measures, physical quantities, mathematical variables and terms, is possible only in case the full variant is provided.

Bibliography is to contain at least 10 sources. It is an alphabetical listing in compliance with the effective National State Standard (NSS 7.0.5-2008).

References are to be provided in square brackets where the number from bibliography and the page (if necessary) of a quotation are given.